Primary Uniform



Students should be neatly dressed in proper school uniform while travelling to & from school or while attending a school function.

Teachers & the School Cabinet will check the students regularly for the following:

  • Sashes must be worn in the loops of the school white uniform.
  • Regular sized plain while socks should be worn to school. Ankle length socks will not be permitted.
  • School shorts should be worn daily to school.
  • Shoes (Black & white) must be polished.
  • P.T shirts should be tucked neatly into the skirts at all times.
  • Spectacles worn by the children should have black frames only.
  • During winter, the students should wear navy blue cardigans with the school logo.
  • Watches may be worn from std. IV onwards, with black straps or simple steel straps. The dials should not be flashy or fluorescent.Fancy large and colourful watches will be confiscated.

School Tailor's Timing:12 noon - 1.45p.m. accepting receipts from the tailors is mandatory. For extra uniform doring the year, kindly contact the school office for tokens for the uniforms.

  • All P.T uniforms          Mukesh 9987849736/9619240611
(Monday & Wednesday)


  • Sweaters                    Kothari 9323281893/ 022-24300917 
                                                 (Monday and Thursday) 


  •  Socks and shorts         Kokila 9892269654 /022-23519231
                                                (Monday,Tuesday and Thursday)
  • School Uniform:          Nelson 9819534354/9322798782

                                   (Tuesday and Friday)