Our School

To Truth Through Love

The sole purpose of education is to awaken oneself to the reality within and without, to discover one’s true self, attain mastery over self and strive towards cosmic harmony in one’s own unique way. We, in our school, together with the students, teachers and parents, aim to unearth the immense innate potentials embedded in every child, and allow her to bloom and blossom in her own pace and space, as we let the student to view the world from different dimensions, the possibilities available to widen one’s own horizons, the catalytic effect she can create in the world around, to be part of the solution and circle of influences, to be a path breaker and path maker.

We believe in working together, building team spirit, complementing each other, creating an ambience of responsible freedom, preparing each student to face the challenges of the world squarely, giving her the impetus to dream, dare and differ. We believe that every child needs to be happy, hence caring to improve her happiness quotient leads to the enhancement of all other forms of Intelligence!

Sr. Babitha Abraham fmm,

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The  Motto is derived from two latin words ‘Veritatem’ and ‘Caritatem’ which means ‘TO TRUTH THROUGH LOVE ‘

The Ship
represents the trials that are encountered in life .

The Sea
represents the ocean of knowledge that we must travel

The Entwining Scallop
represents the cord that binds the Theresian family.

The Star
represents the guiding light through our tribulation in life.

 Ad Veritatem per Caritatem
‘To Truth  through love’